Zoe’s 25th Birthday

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To celebrate Zoe’s 25th birthday, I reserved a private dining table for about 14 of us in the wine cellar of Beatrice & Woodsley.  It was fun, and she was beautiful.


A better drive

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This morning’s ride into work was nice.  It was chilly and somewhat washed out for most of the ride, until getting about a block from the office where the sun was shining through. This song helped.


The Shoppe for Cupcakes and Caffeine

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@haiku_ambulance is on

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So, yesterday my girlfriend (the wonderful and beautiful and hilarious and long-suffering @haiku_ambulance) and I were sitting on the couch doing nothing but listening to music and screwing around on our phones when she got an email from her blog informing her of a new comment. This comment said something like, “Hey, I saw you on the site.  I love your style.  Check out the link” So, being the internet guru that I am I promptly stated, “Don’t click on that link! It looks like spam to me.”…read more

Cause it’s 1…2…3 strikes you’re out!

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Friday was opening day here in Denver, and what a time it was.  Anyone who knows me knows I love my baseball, and opening day is the icing on the cake each and every season. This was my second season opener rooting for the Rockies.  Last year the day started out at Falling Rock Tap House with some friends and brand spanking new Location3 coworkers.  To clarify, not new hires.  I was actually the new hire as I started not even a month before opening day.  Anyway, started out at…read more

Amazing iPhone and iPad Wallpapers

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Finally, finally, finally and….finally. After much disgust and searchers cramp, thanks to @HOPErevo I’ve discovered killer iPhone and iPad wallpapers.  Nothing more to say except ENJOY.

The only ambulance I care to be in

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I’m really happy for Zoe. She’s had her blog for a while, but it wasn’t until adding an analytics plugin that I learned her traffic dwarfs my traffic. I’m thinking of having her take over my blog and work her magic. Anyway, you should check her out here.

The best iphone and mac applications in my 2010 aresenal

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So far this year {I can’t believe we’re four months into 2010 already} I’ve tried out a ton of new apps for both my iphone and my mac, but there are certainly a few that I use almost every single day and have no plans for deleting anytime soon.  I thought I’d share my top 5 iphone apps and the top 5 Mac apps with you, so without further ado: The Best Apps on my iPhone for 2010: Tweetie LoMob WordPress 2 Gowalla Dropbox The Best Apps on my Mac…read more

Modcloth AWP Party at Forest Room 5

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Last night Zoe and I went to the ModCloth {@ModCloth} AWP Party at Forest Room 5.  In addition to meeting some very nice and stylish people, enjoying plenty of drinks and a tasty bit o’ style/fashion/literature trivia, I really enjoyed the atmosphere of Forest Room 5. I’ve been to FR5 once before for an advertising event and thought it was pretty cool then, but had since forgotten all about it.  Last night served as a reminder that it’s the sort of place that I want to keep going back to…read more

Goodbye Intarwebnetz, Hello Sea Bond!

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After much deliberation, I have decided to nix my blog name and quasi-online persona “Intarwebnetz” due to the difficult spelling.  I’m simply tired of spelling it out, and HowdyRyan is much simpler.